World-Class Security Protecting Your Investments

Securing your Investments and Funds is Number One on Our CheckList

At Funex, we follow a solid, comprehensive security approach to safeguard all your investments. Our expert security team has developed a number of effective measures to rule out any chance of information or money theft from our user accounts.

We Put Security Above the Rest

Flawless Security Team for Faultless Fund Protection

Our covenant team is a mix of global security personnel who exercise a “high risk, high reward” security approach for protecting our client assets or personal information while maintaining the highest degree of system performance and unmatched client experience.

We have years of experience in building robust security measures or programs for the world's most trusted exchanges, identifying the consumer data breaches, and doing R&D work to develop robust security technologies that measure potential vulnerabilities in our IT systems & server architecture.

We Deliver…

Safest Coin Storage

We store 90% of user deposits in a dedicated, air-gapped, and geographically distributed cold storage. We hold complete right over stored deposits, giving you on-demand withdrawal option.

Institutional-Grade Platform Security

All our servers are kept under 24/7 surveillance using video monitors and armed guards. Physical access and code deployment on servers are made null void without permission. Nothing transpasses without strict review.

Unparalleled Information Security

All sensitive and private information of user accounts is kept in an encrypted and password protected form at both system and data level. Access is strictly controlled and monitored.

Faultless Penetration Testing

One of our dedicated, expert security team is assigned to rigorously check vulnerabilities and every imaginable data attack on our own systems to ensure world-class security.

Security Features

  • Two Factor Authentication (Google and FIDO U2F) to keep your account secure.
  • Withdrawal Protection via an email confirmation with self-serve accounts.
  • Account recovery prohibited by Phone/SMS, keep control of your account in your own hand.
  • SSL encryption to secure your browsing.
  • Real-time monitoring of any fraud or suspicious activities.
  • Full encryption of sensitive data.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.

Our Security Policies

Funex and its expert security team are putting their vehement efforts to offer institutional-grade security on our exchange platform to clients for protecting their funds and sensitive data or information. Continuous refinement in security policies, auditing methods and minimizing the possibility of any unforeseeable data breach event are some tactics, exercised by our expert team to improve our security standards. Some of the security policies with respect to the safety methods are refined regularly by our team. Here are some of our safety tools that we apply to safeguard our client investment and private information:

Securing Your Account

At Funex, we prioritize and invest lot of our time and resources in security. While some of the security measures are default, we can level up your security if needed. Hence it is important for our every customer to take full advantage of our security tools or advice that we offer to them.

(A) Basic Guidelines To Protect Your Account
  • You must set up two-factor authentication (2-FA) at login to keep your investment account highly secure. The most essential security feature on our platform.
  • You must also secure your email account registered with your Funex account by setting a strong password and 2-FA.
  • Avoid any phishing or hijacking event by staying alert and taking necessary actions on receiving email notifications from our side about phishing attacks.
(B) For Advanced Account Protection
  • ➤ Two-Factor Authentication (2-FA)

    You can easily set up two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator for withdrawals and trading via your account.
  • ➤ Withdrawals Protection

    To ensure protected withdrawals on your account, you can create advanced API keys easily. Our security system regularly observes the withdrawals from the different IP address.
  • ➤ Cryptocurrency Storage

    We use air-gapped and geographically distributed cold storage to store user funds. Only a small percentage of crypto assets are accessible for daily trade operations. Keeping maximum funds in cold wallets, we do not compromise on user account security.